Improved Fastening Systems of Cladding Panels
for Precast Buildings in Seismic Zones

Research for SMEs associations Project FP7-314122

SAFECLADDING Project Overview

The current design practice of precast buildings is based on a frame model where the peripheral cladding panels enter only as masses without any stiffness. The panels are then connected to the structure with fastenings dimensioned with a local calculation on the base of their mass for anchorage forces orthogonal to the plane of the panels. This design approach does not work, as it was recently dramatically shown by several recent violent shakes, like L'Aquila in 2009 and Grenada in 2010.


    1.1 Catalogue of existing connections

1.4 Previous project's findings

2.2 Report and card-files on the tests performed on isostatic systems

Midterm Reports

The construction drawings of the ELSA Prototype (UPDATED 21/11/2013)

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